Small Business Owners Try to Woo Arena Contractors

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Tuesday, at Universal Technical Institute, dozens of small business owners tried to woo the big contractors building the Kings’ new arena.

“Prime contractors, six out of seven of which are from the Sacramento region. All of them are from northern California,” Kings Vice President Ben Gumper said.

The unions those companies make by hiring on smaller firms will help the Kings keep their promise of having 60 percent of the biddable work to be done on their facility done by local firms.

Twenty percent is supposed to be done by small businesses.

arena contractorsTuesday’s meeting was Al Barbagelata’s first attempt to learn how he could help build the Kings future.

“Hopefully we can get some business with the general contractor to get some installation work – refrigeration work and stuff like that,” Barbagelata, the manager with Nor-Cal Beverage, told FOX40.

John Easter has been to every session hosted by the team, even though his small construction company hasn’t been able to bid until now.

“I went to every meeting to make sure I didn’t miss anything. You’re destroyed by a lack of knowledge and if you’re not here you will miss out,” he said.

Even though demolition at the arena site started Friday, the Kings say it’s too early to determine the local split and how many contractors are currently working.

“It’s a number that’s entirely fluid,” Gumper said.

Clint Williams with project lead Turner Construction, estimated only about 30 percent of the available work had been secured so far.

And with the Kings pressing Turner for a guaranteed maximum arena price, Williams says they may put bids out for landscape and other finishing touches before all design drawings all complete.

“Depending on the status of the drawings, August 14th when we receive these drawings we very well could put out the balance of the work for you guys to bid on.”

Bids currently out for foundation concrete, rebar and below grade water-proofing work are due Aug. 19.

The Kings intend to open their new arena in the fall of 2016.

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