Honey Oil’s Increased Popularity Troublesome for Fire Department

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A DIY marijuana honey oil lab is blamed for a house fire Sunday in North Highlands.

The form of concentrated marijuana has seen an increase in popularity because some use the oil in electronic cigarettes, but that increased popularity has led to an increase in explosions in residential areas.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office has said it has prosecuted dozens of cases related to honey oil.

The oil is said to be the most effective way to consume THC, which helps the sick cope with symptoms.

Ryan Landers, who is in the advanced stages of AIDS, says he uses it to keep his nausea and vomiting in check.

“You don’t cough, it’s very smooth,” he said. “It’s more concentrated. You can take less hits and get a stronger effect.

Honey oil has also become popular on the black market for recreational users. Its manufacturing process can be highly volatile, and is blamed for many house fires.

honey oil“It’s got all the elements to produce something that has a high explosive potential,” Sacramento City firefighter Roberto Padilla said.

The city fire department says there has been an increase in honey oil labs in the last five years, and the Internet has made it easy to find instructions.

“That’s kind of the concern, is you’re allowing everyday people to possibly put themselves in harms way,” Padilla said.

Landers says his oil comes from a professional lab, but is aware of the dangerous at-home labs.

“If there’s an electric source anywhere that you’re doing it, you could blow yourself up,” Landers said. “I mean, all it takes is a light bulb being on. I don’t recommend people who don’t know what they’re doing to try it.”

Landers smokes his oil from an e-cigarette, which allows him to consume it without the marijuana odor.

“I think that’s why they became so popular so fast, because people knew that they wouldn’t know what they’re smoking. I mean they would have to test what’s in the cartridge, and how many of these are out there? They’re not going to test all of these,” he said.

The Sacramento City Fire Department said one way to be aware of a DIY lab in their neighborhood is to be aware of strange odors.

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