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High School Players will Wait Two Months to Play on NFL Field

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Levi’s Stadium officials have postponed two high school football games scheduled for next week because of issues with the turf.

Two local teams, Jesuit and Manteca high schools were slated to participate.

Jesuit senior Kori Collons calls playing in an NFL stadium, “a once in a lifetime opportunity” but Friday, Jesuit High School found out their game at Levi’s Stadium against De la Salle was postponed almost two months.

The games were set to air on ESPN.

The games got pushed back because sod at the $1.2 billion dollar stadium is separating from the ground below, forcing maintenance crews to rip it up and replace it. A long-term fix is in the works.

“We are bummed but we do get where they’re coming from because we do have the same grass fields and we sometimes don’t get to practice on [them],” Jesuit senior Josh Leatherby said.

Jesuit’s Athletic Director Chris Fahey says the change is, “a little extra work on our end but it’s what we do for kids.”

Fahey adds that the team already got refunds for their buses and roughly 75 hotel rooms near the stadium.

The games are now rescheduled for  October 9 and 10 but two additional games were added.

One of the new teams invited is Elk Grove high school. Varsity player Trevor Reinwald is thrilled.

“I was just I don’t even know. I was going crazy. I was so excited, it was just such a great feeling,” Reinwald said.

As for Jesuit, the team is still preparing to take on De la Salle next Friday. The location has yet to be determined.

Ali Wolf filed this report.

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