Residents Survey Quake Damage

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Sunday's 6.1. magnitude earthquake literally cracked the quaint facades in this wine country gem that about 77,000 people call home and more than 4 million visit every year.

The Hall of Justice is just one of the notable spots that took a beating.

But the earthquake tore apart lots of no-so-famous addresses, flattening a garage at the Charter Oaks apartments.

The home of an elderly woman on Oak Street is now one of 33 buildings red-tagged around town, deemed uninhabitable.

"The gas lining was breaking so I knocked the door and said 'get out of here,'" said Ernesto Lopez.

While his neighbor's windows shattered and her porched plummeted, Lopez can't believe his house right next door only suffered a small crack.

Around the corner the Davis family is finishing what Mother Nature started.

They're dismantling part of a quake-twisted chimney.

At least they can get to that roof project, with all the ways the earth moved overnight they can no longer open their front door.

At the  Cunningham home, they've  had to bring what's left of their inside out - sorting what isn't broken out on the lawn after what was a terrifying wake -up.

"Dresser and drawers had fallen so we're in the dark trying to get to our daughter who was screaming in her room. We were running into to stuff couldn't see," said Amy Cunningham.

Her daughter Brianna had long-wanted to experience a real California earthquake.

"And she's all, 'I want to see an earthquake. I want to feel an earthquake' and then this morning she said, 'I wish I'd never said that,'" said Cunningham.

Brianna is now too afraid to be near her house and is staying with relatives in the Bay.

Her parents are camping out on their lawn with their belongings, worried about what may happen to their home in a strong aftershock.

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