Ferguson Unrest a Campaign Issue in Sacramento

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Nearly 2,000 miles away, the racial clashes and police power protests in Ferguson, Missouri have charged-up the audience in a room of the Sam Pannell Community Center in Sacramento's Meadowview area.

Ronald E. Bell sees an opportunity in that energy.

"Ferguson Missouri hit a nerve, you know. Because all of us, nationwide, can personalize it and make it a hometown issue," said Bell.

Bell is running for the Sacramento City Council seat left vacant by a retiring Bonnie Pannell, whose husband built the community center.

Bell's style at the meeting is to let the gathered voters talk, and vent their frustrations.

But his advice when it comes to please officers? Yes sir, no sir.

"All officers are supposed to be treated with the utmost respect. And even now it becomes more important because our kids are finding themselves in situations where the officer comes out with his gun already drawn," Bell said.

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