Group Cites Police Concerns in Latest Arena Lawsuit

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A group called Sacramento Citizens will file opening briefs Friday in their suit claiming that the environmental impact report  or EIR done for the downtown arena was insufficient.

They intend to use concerns by Sacramento's own police department to bolster their claims, saying that proper management of 17,000-plus person crowds was not properly assessed before the current building plan was endorsed.

Their supposed police proof comes from department emails between the chief and assistant chief to city staff asking for clarification about security protocols.

One plaintiff can't believe the questions she feels went unanswered in the campaign to get the Kings playing downtown.

"Is the city going to be repsonsible for this? Are the Kings going to be responsible for this? What's the plan?  Are they planning to have 10 officers out there, 20 officers out there, two officers, video cameras, what?" Adrianna Gianturco Saltonstall said.

According to evidence produced by Saltonstall's group, Chief Sam Somers -a short month before project approval - was still telling the city the department quote had concerns about the flow of large crowds.

One email goes on to say that "there appear to be  several constrained areas in both the plaza as well as off-site locations that could present safety challenges with large crowds."

The chief was also asking the city for details on any completed crowd flow analysis and on NBA security standards.

The promised brief is part of the group's arena EIR challenge, a case heading  to trial in October.

They're also pursuing a separate court action appealing issues with a bill pushed by Senate President Darrell Steinberg.

It tailored California's Environmental Quality Act for this project, thus violating the rights of the public, according to Sacramento Citizens.

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