Napa’s Quake Damage Comes with $300 Million Price Tag

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Just turning the corner reveals a new concern around Napa these days.

"I walk my dogs and this is scary," said one woman as she balanced on an earthquake-buckled sidewalk.

It's now three days after the most rattling and rolling the region has done in 25 years.

Floyd Sandlin had no idea what he was feeling.

"I didn't know for a  minute. All I know is the ground was just shaking," he said.

Earthquake damage estimates for private businesses and homes are already at $300 million.

People are spotting cracks in their walls that didn't used to be there.

The city's tab for fixing all its cracks is still and unknown, but the fixes are moving forward.

The intersection of Twin Oaks Drive and White Cliff in the western part of town was literally an asphalt jungle of puckered and split roadway.

Wednesday afternoon it was drivable again.

Teams had to patch what USGS geophysicist David Schwartz has been quoted as saying might have been caused by previously unknown active fault lines near the West Napa fault.

Starting on Glenbrook Lane FOX40 followed the crack for almost a mile - across streets, through homes,  all the way up Buhman Avenue to Oak Rock Lane.

Folks in the area have been hearing about new fault mapping from USGS crews in their neighborhoods.

"He said you won the lottery cuz you have a fault line running under your house... that's the one on Meadowbrook," said one woman.

Following the crack meant finding a sewer fix in progress a few streets over.

And it wasn't a city job, one homeowner's friends and family came to do the work.

"They said these will fit right on the pipe itself," one man shared over bulldozer noise from the street and the whir of a skill saw slicing pipe.

"We have to get our own section....because it's on the property, the homeowner's property, we had to dig it out completely," he said.

The dig to even get to what the crack through Napa cracked took about six hours.

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