Lego was the Missing Piece to Solve 1991 Cold Case Murder

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Officers in Utah have cracked a 23-year-old cold case, thanks to a lego.

John Sansing is now facing a murder charge in the 1991 beating death of a 78-year-old woman.

Officers who responded to the scene at the time recovered some Lego pieces as part of their evidence collection at the home. The toys were an unimportant detail, but they have now become a central piece of evidence.

“While in that home (the victim’s), it is clear Mr. Sansing bludgeoned Lucille to death, leaving his five-year-old apparently in the living room to play with Legos. On those Legos were the fingerprints of Mr. Sansing’s juvenile son,” Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder told sister station FOX13.

The victim’s family says the woman didn’t know Sansing, and they believe he used his son to get inside her home.

Family members are grateful for the arrest.

It may be awhile before he faces a Utah judge, Sansing is currently sitting on death row in Arizona in connection with a 1998 murder.