San Francisco Students Enjoy their First Baseball Game with Giants Win

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Thursday night’s win for the San Francisco Giants was the cherry on top for a sweet day for a class of students from the Tenderloin area of the city.

The students attend City Academy, a school in the heart of a district dealing with lots of drug problems and mental illness issues.

For most of them, it was their first trip ever to a ballgame, so what were they expecting?

“Seeing my favorite team and hanging out with these cool people,” Tia Trudeau said.

“To see Posey,” Ashley Alvarez added.

The 100 or so students were guests of Lefty O’Doul’s restaurant owner, Nick Bovis.

“When you show kids baseball, that’s something that gives them spirit of baseball in them and it’s something that continues for the rest of their life,” Bovis said.

Thursday’s trip to AT&T Park started last Christmas, after Bovis saw a story about City Academy, and the journals being written by the students.

The journals contained very personal stories, with raw and gripping details from their lives. The details touched Bovis deeply.

He made sure every student at City Academy got a gift that Christmas, and when he learned most of them had never seen a ballgame, let alone been to AT&T Park, he wanted to change that.

The Giants beat the Rockies 4-1.