WWJD Group Forced to Move Charity after Homeless Man was Beat to Death

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Serving food to the hungry is something most people would agree is a great thing to do for the community, but after a charity meal turned violent back in April, neighbors pushed for a local group to move its services elsewhere.

Steven Gammon and Ariel Zimmerman live next to Saugstad Park and come down to play with their dog almost every day. They say three times a week the park looks a little different when the charity group "What Would Jesus Do?" comes in.

"What Would Jesus Do?" serves food to homeless in the park 3 times a week but now the city of Roseville is forcing the service to move elsewhere.

Four months ago, things got violent when a homeless man, Josef Graven, was killed after four others beat him in the park. Roseville police say it happened while the group was waiting to get their free meal on the morning of April 24th.

"Hearing something like that happen, it's like enough is enough. That takes it to a whole new level," said Gammon.

A spokesperson for the city of Roseville told FOX40 residents have been complaining about violence in the park for years.

The city says it is working with WWJD to find a new spot for its service.

FOX40 reached out to WWJD and went to their offices, but they did not answer.