Sacramento Woman Dedicates 10 Years to Finding Missing Partner, Raising Funds for Next Search

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Kathryn LaMadrid went missing in Fort Bragg 10 years ago. Her partner is still searching for answers to her disappearance, and is raising funds to aid the search effort.


A Sacramento woman continued to reach out to the public at the 2014 Sacramento Rainbow festival, for any information about her missing partner, Kathryn  LaMadrid.

Shelli LaMadrid has dedicated the last ten years of her life to find her partner, Kathy LaMadrid, who went missing in Fort Bragg in December, 2004. Thanks to a sponsorship from Faces Club in Midtown Sacramento, she set up a small booth at the Festival, selling jewelry and trinkets.

So far, she has executed five cadaver dog searches in the area. Her goal was to raise $4,500 for a sixth search mission.

“It was said that they took Kathy on a beer run, all dressed in black” Shelli LaMadrid said. “Four hours later, they came back with blood and mud on their clothes. Somebody did something to her. We believe she is no longer with us.”

Every search has turned up small clues, but the crew has not found Kathy. However, their searches have gone wasted. Over the years, LaMadrid has helped bring two missing people home. One who was deceased, and one alive, safe and out of sex trafficking.

“Because of her, I’ve actually brought one family closure and actually saved somebody’s life,” LaMadrid said.

Every penny at the booth helped LaMadrid get closer to her goal. Customers encouraged her with every purchase.

“I got this beautiful rainbow bracelet,” customer, Marie Standerfer said. “Every little bit counts. So if we can just give her a little bit towards it every time, that’s going to make her dream come true.”

LaMadrid said aside from finally finding Kathy, she wants to give hope to other families with missing people.

For more information on how you can help with the search, head to:

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