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Davis Teen’s Murder Trial Underway

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The trial for 17-year-old Daniel Marsh, the Davis teen charged with murdering an elderly couple in 2013, began Tuesday.

In her opening statement, Deputy District Attorney Amanda Zambor
told the jury that Marsh may just be a teenager, but he is a young man who stabbed 87-year-old Oliver Northup and his 76-year-old wife Claudia Maupin 60 times each.

Zambor also showed the jury a taped video clip of Marsh confessing the murders to detectives.

But Marsh's attorney Ron Johnson argues another story: Daniel is just a teenager suffering from severe depression. Next, his medical records were opened up. Johnson claimed he has proof that Daniel's anti-depressant medications played a contributing factor to his homicidal behavior.

Yet,  doctors continued to prescribe him the medications, even after marsh told them he desired to "cut people open and see them be tortured."