2 Students Arrested for Allegedly Bringing Loaded Gun to School

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Calaveras High School


Two high school boys are under arrest for allegedly bringing a loaded gun on a school bus.

UPDATE: The superintendent told FOX40 one of the arrested students played on the football team and would have played Friday night as the Calaveras Redskins took on Escalon.

Friday morning, deputies were called to Calaveras High School because someone saw a gun on the bus.

The bus driver held the students on the bus until deputies arrived, and made contact with a 17-year-old boy.

After searching his seat, they found a loaded gun, and arrested the teen.

Calaveras County Sheriff’s deputies learned a 15-year-old student originally brought the gun onto the bus. He was also arrested for his involvement.

At this time, deputies do not know what the boys were planning to do with the gun, but they do not believe there was any plan to hurt students or staff.

Zohreen Adamjee contributed to this report