Babysitter Accused of Shooting Boy in Leg, Fleeing

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A 12-year-old boy is recovering from his fifth surgery after allegedly being accidentally shot by his babysitter.

“It just hurt me because I just asked Doug to watch my baby, and I just can’t believe he just really did that,” the victim’s mother Bridget Townsel said.

On Aug. 24, Townsel was invited to a friend’s 49er game viewing party. So she asked her boyfriend’s acquaintance, 26-year-old Douglas Houghland to watch over her son, Keyonte Townsel and his friend.

However, just minutes after kickoff, Townsel received a call saying Keyonte had been shot. According to her son, the boys were playing video games and with toy guns when suddenly, Houghland brought out his hunting rifle, and accidentally shot Keyonte in the right leg.

He told his mother, instead of calling for help, Houghland left him at his home, and ran off. Had his friend not called for help, doctors said Keyonte would have bled to death at the home.

“He [Keyonte] just told me, ‘Mom I didn't even cry. I just kept asking him, why did you shoot me? And then he just left.’” Townsel said.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has investigated the case, and has since sent it over to the District Attorney's Office. No arrest warrants have been issued.

However, the DA says Houghland has a criminal history. He was recently released from custody after being arrested for Assault with intent to cause great bodily injury.

According to friends of the family, Houghland was seen at Arden Fair Mall with his girlfriend as recent as Thursday.

In the meantime, Keyonte has not stepped a foot outside UC Davis Medical Center, undergoing at least five blood transfusions and surgeries. The 12-year-old’s dreams are now on the line.

“They're [The doctors are] trying their hardest to make sure my baby can walk because he wanted to play football and basketball but I don't even know what is going to happen after this,” Townsel said.

FOX40 tried contacting Houghland. However, he has not responded.

“Really, you need to turn yourself in because that's wrong what he did to my baby,” Townsel said. “My baby is a kid. If it was an accident, you would have gotten my baby help. Or even if you would have left, you would have gotten my son help.”

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