Fairfield Neighborhood on Edge after Reported Sexual Battery

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Mark Eckhardt and his wife often take their dogs out walking, and not always together.

"I'm definitely going to warn her against doing that by herself unless I'm with her, she with a friend or someone else, you know," Eckhardt told FOX40.

After a 17-year-old girl was attacked near Westamerica Drive and Sandstone Way in Fairfield Wednesday night, Eckhardt and his neighbors still can't believe it happened so close to their homes.

"It's shocking, you know you don't expect it in this neighborhood," neighbor Mark Aguirre.

And Fairfield Police believe this is not the first time. Detectives say the same suspect attacked several others in the Cordelia area last month.

"The suspect matches the same description in all four incidents," Lieutenant Stephen Crane said.

In the most recent attack, police say the girl was jogging in the area, when a man approached her and began asking for directions.

It wasn't long before he started assaulting her, committing a sexual battery.

"She fought back, was able to escape, and got to a safe location and called us," Crane said.

During the struggle, detectives say the victim left marks on the suspect, giving them hope someone will recognize him.

"A scratch or some scratches on his hands, arms or facial area, which could be an identifying indicator," Crane said.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood is still on edge, with women saying they're not taking any chances.

"I have mace in my purse right now, just in case," Elsie Nicolas told FOX40.

And some fear their neighbors aren't paying enough attention.

"Women jogging, they tend to have like headphones on, not paying attention," cyclist Dainita Aguirre said. "We got really close to one lady and she didn't know we were coming."

But Eckhardt says he's going to keep his eyes open for the man in the sketch and hopes other will do the same.

"Call the authorities, let them know you saw him, where you saw him," Eckhardt said.