Opposing Teams Come Together for Bone Marrow Drive

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Grant Union High School held a bone marrow drive to benefit their opponent Friday night - Fresno's Central High School.

Central's varsity football coach, Justin Garza, is battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

"My chances weren't very good because people of my ethnic background weren't in the registry," Garza said. "To me, that's not acceptable."

Garza and Grant Union coach Mike Alberghini got together to raise awareness of the lack of Latino and African-American bone marrow donors.

No one knows that reality like Lanette Robinson-Baker. She lost her 12-year-old son, Lee Eddins, to Luekemia.

"He was never alone," she said.

Two other students in the district also recently lost their lives to cancer - Erick Moreno and Eric Lamas.

"The only thing we had to do was just reach inside your cheek and swab it for a few seconds to see if you're available to save someone's life," Robinson-Baker said.