Folsom Lake Speed Limit Reduced

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Folsom Lake is so low, it's now considered dangerous to speed on it. State park officials lowered the speed limit to 5 miles per hour on Monday.

"To see it this low, is discouraging," boater John Harris said.

Eric Dales, an official based on Folsom Lake says the speed limit is to protect lake-goers.

Dales says levels are so low, someone could get hurt.

"If they're going full plain at regular speed, they're going to hit a rock or sandbar caused by the low levels and they could be ejected," said Dales.

Dales says the speed enforcement will stop once the water is back to an elevation of 400 feet.

He says it could take weeks before that happens

"We need to get rain we need to get a good snowpack. Hopefully the El Niño that everyone is talking about will come," said Dales.

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