Stockton Girl Allegedly Taped Without Consent, Wants Justice

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A 14-year-old Bear Creek High School freshman says she was caught on video during a private moment, without her consent.

Arika, whose last name we've chosen not to disclose, says she agreed to meet somewhere private on campus with a boy she liked.

"He said it was going to be private, exclusive, no one was going to be there," she told FOX40. "I said, 'O.K.'"

But she says she didn't consent to what happened next.

"As soon as I heard people, I look up, and there is at least five guys just running away," Arika said.

Arika's mother, Shannon, says the boy plotted with his friends to record the hook-up.

"She wasn't given the choice of whether or not to be exploited," Shannon said. "He took that from her."

Shannon told FOX40 that the boy was suspended for five days, and she doesn't feel that it's enough.

Bear Creek Principal Bill Atterberry would not share details of what Arika and her mom say happened, but did say that his school has strict policies on anything that threatens campus safety.

"If they are macking up, that's where we would separate them," Atterberry said. "Anything inappropriate is not acceptable."

Stockton Police say detectives are investigating the incident.

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