KING FIRE: Dozens Gather at Evacuation Center Meeting, Crews Continue Difficult Fight

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Dozens of people were evacuated from their homes as thousands of acres burn east of Pollock Pines over the weekend.

The fire ballooned Sunday morning and jumped to 3,000 acres by late Sunday night. The fire was fed by winds and dry conditions.

Crews struggled with putting out the fire as it blazed through steep, wooded terrain.

"The terrain is very steep. There's no access roads to the fire," said Scott McLean of CAL FIRE. "The fuels are so dry, the trees the brush the grass. It's so receptive to fires this time of year."

As firefighters battled the King Fire, the Pollock Pines community is holding its breath hoping the blaze doesn't spread to homes.

Dozens of residents received an update on CAL FIRE's progress at Sierra Ridge Middle School. They learned fuels were pushing the flames up the mountain toward homes, and that is when crews started to prepare those houses for the worst.

"Making sure the homes are safe. Making sure the windows are closed, the doors are closed and maybe doing a little clearing if they have time," said McLean.

Airdrops helped keep the fire from climbing and reaching structures.

McLean added that the fire is heading away from the homes, but predicted winds could turn the fire around. Firefighters will be out all night doing what they can before the sun comes up on Monday.

"At night time also of course you're going to have more moisture in the air, your temperatures are going to decrease," said McLean.

According to CAL FIRE, to their knowledge no homes have been lost in the fire, but that could change as the firefight goes on.