Sammy Hagar Returns to Roseville for Restaurant Reopening

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Sammy Hagar is back and, judging by the thousands of cheering fans, Roseville couldn't be any happier.

So what made this restaurant worth a take-two?

"It's a fantastic place. It didn't stay open long enough to get any soul," Sammy Hagar told FOX40.

Hagar is swooping in to save a Roseville restaurant. It's a restaurant that bears his name, and it's a restaurant that looked to be very much in trouble.

In November, 2013, its owner, Steve Pease, went missing. He later turned up dead of undetermined causes.

It was later revealed that he was in default on a $1.5 million redevelopment loan he'd gotten to open the place.

"He did a great job, and the place did really well. And then you find out he just had a whole lot of other problems he didn't share with people. I don't blame him, but I wish I'd known. I would've tried to help the guy," Hagar said.

Roseville's Mayor Susan Rohan was all smiles today, as the City anticipates a return of Sammy's customers downtown, and repayment of that nonprofit's redevelopment loan.

"That was always intended to be a long-term thing," Rohan said. "so there was really no blip. Just that downtime in the amount of energy that was happening. But now it's back."

As for Sammy, he says he's still more about having fun and being a button-down businessman type. So he's giving the restaurant to his children to run.

About 3,500 people were on-hand for the grand reopening concert he threw in downtown Roseville Saturday night. Proceeds from that concert will go to the Placer County Food Bank.