Several Businesses near King Fire: “We’re open!”

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Where there's smoke, there's usually fire.

But in Apple Hill Thursday, a smoky texture in the air surely told a different story.

"Apple Hill is open. There is no fire in Apple Hill!" said Ray Larsen quite enthusiastically. Ray Larsen is the owner of Larsen Apples.

"We called my sister to make double sure we could get in here," said visitor Jerolyn Baldwin.

Despite the fact that Larsen Apples and Apple Hill Farms are just a few miles west of an aggressive, fast moving fire, Johny Appleseed Day is still on the calendar for this weekend.

Further down Highway 50 toward Pollock Pines, roads are still closed off as crews on the ground attack the south side of the King Fire.

But life must move forward says James Jackson, a camper at the Sly Park Recreational Area. "We called ahead. They said it was okay," said Jackson.

Jackson is 1 of 30 currently camping in the Sly park. "The air quality?" he said. "I haven't coughed at all."

But the outdoorsy-types with plans to camp at other sites in the area may not be so lucky this weekend. Eight campsites, including the Ice House Campgrounds, are closed.

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