Fire Evacuees Meet for Update on Fire

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The fire commute - the only thing happening on Highway 50 near Fresh Pond as the sixth night of fighting the King Fire has the roadway closed again.

The biggest problem for most of Thursday? Smoky conditions deemed too dangerous for drivers.

Much different scenario than when angry flames that threatened to jump Highway 50 north of Sly Park Road Tuesday night.

So no over-the-road issues, but some under-the-road ones for this swelling fire that's now consumed more than 73 thousand acres.

"There was some fire in a culvert that was in the edge of Highway 50 that may be under the highway," Cal Fire Division Chief Joe Tyler said.

Evacuees at a fire  update meeting in Camino heard about another sneaky move by a fire investigators say was started by the hand of an arsonist.

Luckily along 50, the fix was easy.

"Simple solution to that was get water in the south side of the road and flush it back out," Tyler said.

From simple solutions to what could have posed a huge problem as the incident base camp for the massive effort to dethrone the King fire had a part of it's power supply unplugged.

A semi delivery supplies to the camp at the El Dorado County fairgrounds snagged lines on a pole just outside the gates.

"Between the radio,  cell phones  and person to person contact we're sending out the messages we need with or without power," said Michelle Eidam, spokesperson for King Fire incident command.

Generators and those redundant layers of communication meant there was no pause in coordinating the firefight against the kind of threat many veterans on the line say they've never ever seen the likes of before.

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