Homeowners Anxious to Assess King Fire Damage

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At least 10 homes were lost to the King Fire, and homeowners are anxious survey the damage.

Many FOX40 spoke with Sunday say they know their homes are gone. They need to take photos to send to their insurance companies but haven't been allowed back.

"It's pretty frustrating," homeowner Vern Matthews said. "We get mixed messages."

Matthews and his wife are staying just 10 minutes from where their home once stood.

"We knew our house was gone days before anyone showed us anything or told us anything," Matthews said. "I mean, I got pictures of it but, officially, because I can't do much with insurance to say my house got burned, it puts us in a position where we can't go our next step. We're stuck here."

Cal Fire says the area is still unsafe, even though the fire has already burned through, because many of the still-standing trees are not stable.

"Trees have been weakened to a point where they could fall over with some wind," Cal Fire spokesperson Tom Piranio said.

Matthews says he plans to rebuild, but knows he has to wait until next spring.

"The fire had't even hit the neighborhood yet and we're already talking about the possibility of mudslides," he said.