King Fire Crews Set Up Makeshift Town

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As the King Fire moves north, so do the firefighters.

A base camp was set up Saturday in Foresthill and it is a lot closer for the firefighters to get to the front lines and back to where they're sleeping and eating.

And setting up the base camp in Foresthill is no easy task.

Dozens of support workers must come in and turn a dirt field into a self-sustaining tent city.

"A lot of the vendors that you see setting up here, they're on call. So as soon as a big fire like this happens, you know dispatch gives them a call and they set up," King Fire operations spokesperson Kevin Wilson said.

And they bring all the amenities of home.

From food serving stations that can feed hundreds at a time, to showers, bathrooms, hand washing stations and plenty of space for sleeping tents.

"We all have our little offices that get set up, so yeah, it is. It's like a giant city," Wilson said.

While the smoke has chased away most tourists from forest hill surprisingly some businesses are booming.

"We got all these hungry us forest service law enforcement people in here and these guys can put away some pizza," Sugar Pine Pizza Mark Biondi said.

Biondi said the past 48 hours has been busier than the biggest holiday weekend and that firefighters and forest service personnel are the bulk of his new customers.

"The amount of people that they have working on the fire already, our town has basically doubled over night," Biondi said.

In the kitchen all hands are on deck cranking out pies.

And the work is far from over. Throughout the night, Biondi said he'll be sending out deliveries to the base camp.

“We've actually catered to the people who are doing the catering. Setting up to feed all the people who are feeding all the people," Biondi said.