King Fire Extends to Tahoe National Forest

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In just either days, one little spark in Pollock pines has grown into an uncontrollable blaze, reaching all the way up to Tahoe National Forest.

"Currently, the fire activity that we are most concerned about is in the northwest part of the fire," information officer Blanca Mercado said. "In the Tahoe basin, we're watching this. We did have a spot fire that was about 500 acres. So we have a lot of crews up in this area. We are still considering this the hot area."

In the head of the fire, there are boots on the ground- a direct attack with hand crews right on the fire line. Closer to the point of origin in El Dorado County, crews are handling the flames differently. There are no aerial attacks because of the heavy fog where the inversion layer is too low. They are fighting the fire indirectly with dozer crews.

"They do have plans to put in some more dozer lines, and to close up the gap here so that we don't have anything coming in through the back side and into Pollock Pines," Mercado said.

Just a few miles east of Georgetown, fire fighters are saying it's extremely difficult to get to. The terrain, dry air, and the amount of fuels in the area are deemed very dangerous.

The rain in the last 48 hours has helped, but not enough. Authorities have blocked several roads, to shield the public from further danger.

"There are mudslides, we've got terrain that is already been loosened by the fire. We have lots of vehicles going in and out of these slippery roads that my have not seen rain in a while so we have to make sure that everyone knows to still take precaution even though we got this rain,  it can still be dangerous," Mercado said.

If the situation gets worse, all crews have a contingency plan. Build as many fuel breaks in the west side, to prevent the King Fire from reigning over the entire county.

The King Fire was reported to be 10 percent contained Sunday afternoon.