Parents Pack Citrus Heights School Location Meeting

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Parents packed into a Wednesday meeting in Citrus Heights that could determine the fate of their children's schools for years to come.

They brought signs and their own proposals to the gathering at Sylvan Hills Middle School.

The culture and grade levels on four campuses could be disrupted as the district seeks fixes for Sylvan, where the classrooms are fine, but other elements are structurally compromised.

"It takes money to put this school at the Citrus Heights facility. Why can't we just save that money this one day at a time. It took them years to do San Juan. Get some trailers. Keep this property. Be done with it and when we're done with it we have a new state of the art middle school we can all be proud of," said district parents James Cowgers.

The district is considering 5 different basic plans for managing students and space.

One of those plans would fix Sylvan to to the tune of roughly $22 million.

Another would tear down and rebuild Sylvan for about $44 million.

A third would build a new middle school on the site of the current Mesa Verde High for about $35 million.

Moving Sylvan kids to Carriage Drive elemntary and sending those charter students back to their home schools  is a fourth option that could cost about  $18 million.

The fifth possibility could be to move Sylvan kids into Citrus Heights elementary, leaving students there to share space with the population already at Carriage Drive.

A final decision is expected in November.