Sheriff’s Department: 1 Deputy Killed, 1 Injured in Rancho Cordova

Daniel Marsh Convicted in Elderly Murders

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For the very first time since his trial began, Daniel marsh showed some emotion Friday; his hands were clenched over his mouth and his eyes were sealed shut.

"I believe that justice was served, today." said Claudia's daughter Victoria Hurd.

Throughout the entire trial, it was never a question of guilt.

Both the prosecution and the defense acknowledged that Marsh had stabbed Oliver and Claudia nearly 67 times each.

But, Marsh's defense attorney argued the teen was on a series of anti-depressants that caused his homicidal behavior.

The jury, made up of eight women and four men, didn't buy it.

"My mother was at everything; every birthday, every wedding every divorce. They didn’t want to miss a beat," Hurd told FOX40. "She would have attended this trial if she could have."

Daniel's family did not appear to be in court Friday.

The trial will resume Monday, when Marsh could be sentenced to life in prison, or sent to a medical treatment facility until a doctor says he can leave.