King Fire Smoke Threatens Football Game

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Smoke from the king fire is blowing into the Sacramento valley and causing poor air quality. Out of concern for students' health, school officials kept a close eye on air quality throughout the day Friday.

The biggest concern was in Folsom and Roseville.

"We had our PE classes move indoors we had a couple water polo tournaments that we suspended for a couple of hours until the air-quality dropped back down," said Brad Basham from the Roseville Joint Union High School District.

Friday morning the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District issued an advisory, asking all residents to try and avoid outdoor activities. The biggest concern was for children, the elderly and people with respiratory issues.

"I think it's always best when their smoke in the air to stay out of it as much as possible,"said Michelle Ritchie in Folsom.

But others in Folsom told FOX40 the poor air quality didn't bother them and wouldn't hold them back from working out.

"We just rode about 20 miles so we're fine with it but little kids, older people, asthmatic people, they should watch it," said Brian Hampton.

The air quality advisory urged schools to take precaution to protect students. Basham says the district considered canceling football games, but Friday afternoon they determined it was safe for athletes to play.

"It's just unhealthy for sensitive groups but is alright for to athletes to play is as long as coaches are smart about substitutions water breaks things like that," said Basham.

School officials say they kept a close eye on air quality until kick off.