Stockton Family Shaken After Violent Home Invasion

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Thieves left a South Stockton family of nine with a broken front door and a broken sense of security on Friday.

A shaken mother of four didn't want to be named or shown, but told us her front door was kicked in and four men forced their way into her home around 1:30 a.m.

She says the thieves pulled her, her husband, his brother and elderly parents out of their rooms with guns to their heads.

"When I lied on the ground, I was scared for my kids, that something would happen in here," she said.

They were forced to lay down in this dining room while the men ransacked their home, demanding cash.

"They just want money. But we don't have any money," she said.

She says They took $100 from this purse in her bedroom.

That's just feet away from where her 15-month old baby boy and three young children were.

"They were scared; they just said they were scared," she said.

She fears the worst isn't over, and is scared the brazen thieves will be back.

"I'm scared too. Just for my kids, you know?" she said.

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