Reports of Sexual Assaults On or Near UC Campuses Up

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Reports of sexual assaults on or near University of California campuses is up nearly 50 percent.

The Sacramento Bee is reporting UC campus authorities received 133 reports of forcible sex offenses in 2012.

In 2013, they received 199 reports.

The number at UC Davis was up this year, too.

"Twenty-four forcible sex assaults in 2013. Which was up from 18 the previous year," UC Davis spokesperson Andy Fell said.

Fell also mentioned that there were 24 assaults in 2011.

He says it's hard to tell if the number of assaults is actually up, or if more people are just reporting them.

"The numbers will change slightly from year to year. We had a slightly increasing number of undergraduate students coming in," Fell said.

Fell says at UC Davis sexual assault victims are given many options - whether it's talking to a counselor or to the police."

We work with victims to encourage them to do what's best for them," said Fell.

There was mixed reactions from students though about how the university approaches students about sexual assault before it happens.

"They don't really advertise how you can report sexual assault. I don't think it's emphasized enough that it is not the right thing to do," said student Ting Ling.

"There's emails, addresses, that are available for students to contact. So I do feel that if something did happen, I'd be able to report it," student Alicia Youlton said.

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