High Efficiency, $0 Electricity Homes

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It is not quite what one would expect to see out of the "Jetsons", but a new home on the hills of El Dorado is close to it.

Developer KB Homes wanted to create a high efficiency house that does everything from storing energy to recycling water.

"This house takes the water from your sink, takes it from your shower, your washing machine and it takes it to this holding tank," said KB Homes representative, Craig LeMessurier.

The water filters through a system to create grey water and is later used to flush the toilet.

In other models, the water is also used for lawns and other outdoor uses.

KB homes estimates a family of four will save 100,000 gallons of water a year.

The home is called "Zero House 3.0".

KB Homes prides itself on the word "Zero" because they say that is how much the homeowner will expect to pay on electricity.

"Solar panels on the roof produce energy for the home. You can sell it to the grid. You can store it in a battery", said LeMessurier.

And when they say high efficiency, the developer is not joking.

The thermostat knows when someone is home and it will lower or raise the temperature on its own.

"Zero House 3.0" is considered a "smart home" allowing the owners to power utilities and lock doors from their phones and tablets.

It also has other features like sending a text message to one's phone if the refrigerator door is left open.

KB homes estimates "Zero House 3.0" will save a family of four $135,000 over the course of 30 years.

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