Bear League: Drought Leading to More Frequent Bear Break-Ins

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Wildlife experts predicted a busy bear season around Lake Tahoe, and it has materialized.

The natural-growing food that bears eat in the wild is in short supply due to the drought. So more and more bears are breaking into buildings around Lake Tahoe looking for food.

Bear League executive director Ann Bryant, in a Monday conversation with FOX40, said she is hearing of bear break-ins every day around Lake Tahoe lately.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife has caught and released nine bears from the Tahoe/Reno area since the middle of last week.

The Bear League's preferred method of dealing with bears is by using aversion techniques, teaching people to reduce encounters between humans and bears by keeping food and garbage as inaccessible to bears as possible, and by making loud noises to scare bears away when they are seen looking comfortable in places populated by humans.

Non-lethal electric fencing around Tahoe area homes has also proven effective as an aversion technique.