Bera, Ose Trade Barbs in District 7 Debate

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The much-awaited only debate night in California's 7th congressional district started with the full court press of a crowd cheering for Republican challenger Doug Ose.

When FOX40 picked a college republican out of the crowd to ask what they liked about their candidate campaign staff tried to stop us.

Pressing on, our crew did ask one student why he backed the message on his sign.

"Uh... can't say," was the response outside the debate hall.

Inside, it sometimes was just as hard to get a direct answer. Onlookers noticed.

"I'm looking for someone who's got integrity and is honest. It's very difficult these days to find a politician who is that way," viewer Bill Stegman of Folsom said.

On the issue of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare,  Ose tried to hack away at the benefits to millions who now have health insurance - blaming Bera for the program stripping $716 billion dollars away from Medicare funds.

"That's a lie but if you want to keep telling that lie, go ahead," said Bera.

Incumbent Bera tried to jab at his former congressman opponent when they were able to directly question each other about catering to Wall Street interests.

He asked Ose to list three votes he'd made that stood up to Wall Street.

While Ose talked on without naming the votes, Bera kept asking.

On the current threat with the Islamic state  in the Middle East, comparisons with decisions on the Iraq War didn't bring clarity.

"Giving him the benefit of the doubt in hindsight. Did he think that was the wrong vote given everything we know today? He didn't say that was the wrong vote. I think that's a mistake. I think as we're looking at a very difficult situation in the Middle East. We don't want to repeat that mistake," said Bera while taking questions from the media after the debate.

Ose wouldn't completely rule out opting for ground troops.

"I hope american troops do not have to be deployed. I hope the  president's successful  in constructing a coalition of the unwilling because we have to confront ISIS where they are before they come here," said Ose.

Ose blasted Bera for not calling on the Bureau of Reclamation to reduce outflows from the Folsom Dam as a way to help the region cope with intense drought, as he did in the past.

Operation Fact Check, a group of Sacramento State and Los Rios college faculty and students reviewing the debate, found no evidence that Ose had taken such steps before.

The two candidates did actually come down on the same side of some topics.

They both agreed the California's new "Yes means Yes" sexual intimacy law for college campuses should go nationwide.

The also both said the bully pulpit of a congressman should be used to make campuses in the UC system reserve spots and resources for in-state instead of overseas students.