Man Arrested After Exposing Himself, Jumping off Building at Sac State

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Sacramento PD Arrest

Shawan Wimberley (Sac PD)


Police at Sacramento State University were successful in apprehending a man who exposed himself to students Friday.

Around 2:15 p.m., officers received word of a man exposing himself near the elevators on the third floor of the University Union.

When officers arrived, the man tried to escape by leaping over a short wall near the stairwell. However, the man fell over the stairwell and onto the concrete floor, breaking his leg.

The man, who was not a student, was identified as Shawan Wimberly. Wimberly was also identified as the man wanted for fleeing the Academic Information Resource Center after exposing himself to a female student this past Sunday.

Wimberly was taken into custody. He will be booked into the main jail after receiving medical treatment.