Sacramento Man Wins $1 Million; Land Park Gas Station Wins Bonus

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Winning lottery ticket location

Land Park Gas in Sacramento will Receive a $5,000 Retailer Bonus For Selling a Winning $1 Million Scratchers® Ticket (CA Lottery)


A Sacramento man won a $1 million dollar lottery prize, and the gas station where the ticket was bought received a nice bonus as well.

Phillip Blanton bought a $20 “Million $$ Match” scratchers ticket at Land Park Gas on South Land Park Drive around 5:30 a.m. Friday morning. Once he finished scratching the card, Blanton discovered he had won the million dollar prize.

Phillip Blanton's $1 million lottery ticket. (CA Lottery)

Phillip Blanton’s $1 million lottery ticket. (CA Lottery)

In addition, Land Park Gas will receive a $5,000 retail bonus for selling the winning ticket.

“Every little bit helps. It [selling Lottery products] brings more customers in to buy other things. They come in more to play, which helps the business,” said Darshan Virk, whose family owns Land Park Gas.

The $5,000 will not be taken out of Blanton’s $1 million prize.