Demonstrators Focus on the Price of Water at Nestle Bottling Plant

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Demonstrators at the Nestle Bottling Plant, October 16.


Activists blocked the entrance to the Nestle bottling plant in South Sacramento Thursday morning.

Their goal was to bring attention to the price they say companies like Nestle pay for Sacramento water during a drought. Water that they then bottle and sell to the public.

Nestle told FOX40 they pay the price of water set by the city, and there is no special deal involved.

“We pay the same rate that everyone pays, we’re just an industrial water user like everyone else,” David Thorpe, Nestle’s supply chain director of bottled water, said.

Nestle reportedly pays less than a dollar per 100 cubic feet of water, over 700 gallons. That price was set by the city.

The company knew about the planned protest Thursday, and were able to plan delivery and employee schedules around it. They did not call police to remove the demonstrators, telling FOX40 everyone has the right to gather and protest.