Hospital Officials: UC Davis Prepared for Ebola

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If an Ebola patient were to be admitted to UC Davis Medical Center, the hospital says its staff is prepared.

"I feel very confident that the education that were providing the training and the equipment that we can protect our staff," UC Davis Chief Medical Officer Doug Kirk said.

Kirk says staff members are doing hands on training and that the hospital has dedicated a separate response team for Ebola.

"We've stepped up the education and training of our staff may have revised our protocols and guidelines for the care of a possible patient with Ebola," Kirk said.

The hospital also has purchased 500 packs of protective gear, complete with gowns, gloves, hats and booties.

But not everyone in the Sacramento healthcare community feels confident about Ebola preparedness.

Registered nurse Sue Robbins didn't want FOX40 reveal which hospital she works for, because she is unhappy with the lack of training she's received.

"What we received at my hospital was email that directed us to the CDC website and it also told us to rely on standard universal precautions and other precautions that are already in place at our hospital. nothing special," said Robbins.

Robbins is a member of national nurses United, a union pushing for more training on Ebola and more protection for nurses.