Outgoing Sacramento District Attorney Wages New War Against Domestic Violence

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She's taken on the toughest cases and criminals in Sacramento County.

Now, outgoing Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully is waging a new war against domestic violence.

From college campuses to cameras capturing an NFL star punching his then-fiance in the face, the nation's spotlight is on domestic violence.

And that increased scrutiny is coming from Sacramento county's top prosecutor.

“It’s daunting to leave an environment where you`re totally dependent and try to get out of the violence,” Scully said.

In her 20 years as the DA, Scully said her office sees 4,000 domestic violence cases a year.

Despite the power she has to prosecute, she says not enough is being done to help abuse victims.

“It`s challenging for victims to get the support and services they need to stay out of violent environments," she said. "It`s just too overwhelming and fragmented.”

Scully is the chair of the Family Justice Center, a place she describes as a one-stop shop, where victims can meet with social workers, police and victim advocates.

“They`re not greeted by a cop,” said Scully.  “They`re greeted by a victim advocate that`s going to help them navigate their needs, figure out 'Where do we go from here?' and 'How do we support you?'”

The support is also coming from Sac State, which created a video to promote the center.

With 55 colleges under federal investigation for how they've handled harassment and sexual violence complaints, Scully says the need goes beyond the home.

And with her tenure as DA ending, a new fight against crime begins.

“If we can start in the home and make a difference and make that family safe, we go a long way to reducing violent crime in our community," she said. "And if we can reach those children and get them out of there, we can break the cycle of violence."

You can find more about the Family Justice Center on www.hopethriveshere.org.