Tubbs Returns to Stockton City Council after DUI Arrest

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No action was taken against Michael Tubbs in a closed City Council session Tuesday in Stockton.

Supporters and critics were at Tuesday night to Stockton city council meeting. The arrest of Michael Tubbs took center stage, the councilman of District 6 has been in the limelight before.

Back in 2012 at only 21-years-old when Tubbs was running for City Council, Oprah Winfrey donated $10,000 to his campaign.

He would later become the youngest councilman in Stockton's history.

Now, 24-years-old in the hot seat hit with two charges for a DUI driving well beyond the blood alcohol limit at .137; early Saturday morning going above the speed limit on Highway 99 near Hammer Lane.

Tubbs was present at the City Council meeting. At times he smiled, other times he looked stoic.  There was criticism from some in his own district and those who supported him; showed signs of frustration and at times anger.

Tubbs' mother, Racole Dixon, was in attendance to support her son.

It wasn't a typical council meeting, the crowd was massive and for the majority of residents, an even bigger heart for what the young councilman is going through.

Bobby Bivins says he's known Tubbs since he was a teen and spoke with the embattled political figure about being pulled over by CHP.

"He said it was stupid, it was a mistake, and he was trying to get home," Tubbs supporter Bobby Bivens said.

Admonished and at times judged tall bases a legal process that played out before his constituents but ultimately play out in court.

Tubbs did not respond to out request for an interview.

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