Red Flags Your Teen May be Dating the Wrong Person

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According to, nearly 1.5 million high school students across the country experience physical abuse while in a relationship.  Fox40 relationship expert, Joey Garcia says there are signs teens should be aware of that the person their dating does not have their best interest in mind. She share those tips with Eric Rucker as part of Fox40's efforts to raise awareness about domestic violence.

The Dump Him List

1. He hits you, pushes you, or does things that frighten you.

2. You feel the need to save him or change him.

3. He resents time you spend with family or friends.

4. He puts you down even if he then says “just kidding.”

5. He lies to you. He doesn’t care if you lie to your family.

6. He uses guilt to manipulate you into doing what he wants.

7. He behaves badly and then blames it on other people or on things that happen to him.

8. He leads you away from your spiritual center and values.

9. He acts like he owns you and your body.

10. He acts like you owe him sex if you get him aroused.

11. He says you owe him sex because he paid for dinner, the prom, the fraternity formal.

12. You’ve asked him more than once to stop, and you believe him every time he says he will.