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VIDEO: Thief Takes Diapers from Babies in Need

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Dallas, TX (KDAF) —

It’s the tale of a dirty crime that will leave you shaking your head — over 160,000 diapers stolen from the Captain Hope’s Kids charity in Dallas.

These were donated diapers and so we were anticipating giving these to the kids who need them,” said Program Director Sam Mattox.

Geesh, who would steal diapers from homeless kids?

Well, it looks like this diaper bandit was on a mission.

And the charitys’ security cam caught it all; the unknown thief and his sidekick, hauling off a dolly full of diapers and coming back for more.

“We distribute over $16,000 worth of diapers a week, so this loss is equivalent to almost two months’ worth of diapers,” Mattox told KDAF.

That stinks!

Dallas PD is still investigating this foul situation; no arrest has been made yet.

But, turns out there is some good news in this story.

“We just found out that Kimberly Clark is going to replace all of the diapers that were stolen, so that’s a load off,” added Mattox.

Phew, that’s a load we can all appreciate.