City of Lincoln Bans Medical Marijuana Growing

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The Lincoln City Council finalized an earlier decision to ban the growing of medical marijuana in the city prompting a protest by medical pot users.

R.J. Gaffury was one of several protestors holding signs in downtown Lincoln saying medical marijuana use is a right after Propositon 215 was passed.

But city officials say an ordinance that allowed medical pot users to grow plants indoors was ignored and illegal outdoor grows continued. Police said complaints mounted and they became too much of a nuisance.

"Smells, illegal grows, the possibility that somebody might jump over the fence and grab marijuana and use it illegally," Lincoln City Attorney Jon Hobbs said.

But medical pot users say their rights were being violated by the total ban.

"This isn't right, we passed a law and we have the right to it," activist Gaffury said.

The city says a recent appellate court ruling allows city to adopt the ordinance banning medical marijuana growing.

"It's completely legal, it's completely constitutional, completely consistent with state law," Hobbs said.

City officials say patients can still obtain medicinal pot at dispensaries in the Sacramento area. The city earlier banned them within the city limits.

Gaffury said many patients can't travel that far or afford the prices that are charged at legal dispensaries.

Gaffury said the ordinance will initiate more court challenges, despite the city's confidence in its legal standing.

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