Dry Spot on Lawn Outside Daughter’s Window Leads to Father’s Disturbing Discovery

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A bald spot under a father’s 8 and 11-year-old daughters’ window caused him to make a disturbing discovery, WFTV reports.

The bald spot on the lawn outside a girl's window Courtesy: WGHP

The bald spot on the lawn outside a girl’s window
Courtesy: WGHP

Orange County deputies said the father, who did not want to be identified, caught a man looking into the window.

The suspect had reportedly moved a cinder block from the backyard to get a better look in the window.

When the father caught the Peeping Tom in the act, he yelled at him to get away and then chased him until the man hopped a fence at a neighbor’s house.

Because of the bald spot in the grass under the window, the father said he didn’t think this was the first time the suspect had visited the home.

Deputies found a white napkin with DNA on it at the scene according to the report. There were also fingerprints left at the scene on the window.

The father says he has taken additional measures to step up security following the incident.

The suspect has not been identified.