Giants Fans Revel in Post-World Series Glory

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Giants fans waited 90 extra minutes to see their team arrive at their Civic Center plaza  victory party, but for the faithful it was well worth the wait.

No rainy San Francisco day could drown out all the spirit Giants fans packed with them.

By drone and by phone, they weren’t going to miss a minute.

“They always find a way to come back no matter what you know. They’re going to do something.  They don’t give up.  They just keep fighting and I like that fighting spirit that they have,” fan Becky Bacon said.

Across the plaza, a literal bucket brigade – folks banging on empty orange buckets with wooden sticks splintering from their enthusiasm.

Richard Green and his Sacramento crew love their humble team and just loudly want to celebrate the facts.

“It’s unbelievable. I never thought three in five years. Really, it’s remarkable. I can remember every place I’ve been, every time they won,” Green said. “Unbelievable.”