Suspect in Elk Grove Mom’s Murder Previously Served Time for Manslaughter

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Marciela Valdez is in tears because her son, Moses, is suspected of killing an Elk Grove mom.

"Now that he was back, I was so happy, like I was starting to live again," Valdez said. Her son just came back home a month and a half ago.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed to FOX40 that Moses Valdez is suspected of killing Marissa Almanza - an Air Force reservist from Travis Air Force Base.

"I believe the reason he ran is he's afraid they're gonna blame him," his mother said.

Elk Grove undercover detectives spotted Valdez, who ran off after recognizing police on his block earlier wednesday evening.

Cops zeroed in on a house on 24th Avenue, where he's lived with family for a little more than a month. 

He was put in prison when he was just 16, charged with murder, but pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter.

His family said it was a case of self defense.

Officers detained three people from the home. Two who were questioned and released, and one who police arrested for an active unrelated warrant.

On Valdez's Facebook page, Marissa's name is posted in parenthesis with his - and Valdez posted his engagement back in June of 2013.

"I know him. There was no way he was gonna do something like that. He loved her so much," his mother added.