Search for Suspected Killer Opening Old Wounds

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The search for Moses Valdez, a suspected killer at large, has opened up 20-year-old wounds for families across Sacramento County.

Valdez has been out of prison since August and is a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, Marissa Almanza. The Elk Grove mom was found dead in her apartment last week.

Court records show Valdez has a criminal past. He was convicted of shooting and killing 19-year-old Christopher Dominguez and 24-year-old Christopher Jimenez back in 1993, reportedly over a girl.

Valdez was paroled early, but went back to serve a 25-year-sentence for his Third Strike, for allegedly running from the cops. He was released when Prop 36 passed, since his Third Strike wasn't violent.

Sherrie Dominguez, the mother of one of the men Valdez was convicted of killing, is furious she wasn't told he was back out on the streets.

"I really do think there is something wrong in our judicial system and prison systems," she told FOX40.

Valdez's mother told FOX40 Friday her son may have killed before, but he didn't this time because he wouldn't risk his freedom again. She says Valdez planned to propose to Almanza.

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