Local Mothers Warning Others about Popular Birth Control

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Several women from the Sacramento area have joined thousands who are fighting to get what they call a dangerous birth control off the market.

It’s called Essure.

Approved by the FDA in 2002, the device is a non-hormonal metal insert that gets non-surgically implanted into the fallopian tubes.

It’s marketed as a perfect solution for women who want to permanently stop having children.

But for five local women, it had harmful side effects

"I had excruciating pain” Elizabeth Cox said.

Angela Lynch said she had “migraines, pain and [was] tired all the time.”

Other women tell FOX40 they had heavy bleeding, pain and burning sensation.

These women have joined about 12,000 others on Facebook, sharing health issues they’ve experienced after starting Essure.

Some say their coils moved out of place or broke, others got Hysterectomies.

One woman got pregnant on the birth control.

"Here I was, well over 40, pregnant again,” Cox said.

Bayer manufactures Essure.  The company stands by its product.

"The fact is the adverse events that have been reported in the news and online about Essure are known and are listed in the product information," Edio Zampaglione, Vice President of Women’s Healthcare for Bayer, said.

Bayer says results of a recent FDA study found Essure did not pose new safety risks.

To date, more than 750,000 devices have been sold.

Plus, the FDA gave pre-market approval to Conceptus, the company that created Essure.  That means these women cannot file lawsuits for their injuries.

"All we can do is tell other women, that’s it, that’s all we can do,” said Angela Lynch.

While their goal is to eventually get the device off the market, for  now all these women can do is send a warning.

Now the women have a big name on their side. Famed activist, Erin Brockovitch has been raising awareness for their cause.