Restaurant near Strip Club Must Sit Unfinished

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A restaurant slated to open three months ago sits unfinished in Rancho Cordova.

“There were no restrictions, no ordinances that would stop up from opening a restaurant with a Type 41 license, serving just wine and alcohol," Carolina Ocampo, of the South Beach Grill, sad Monday. "So we signed a lease in May.”

That five-year lease was signed for what was sure to be a busy section of Rancho Cordova, along Sunrise Boulevard.

Ocampo says the city assured her there were no zoning issues and the restaurant could by built, but then it all changed.

“When they finally got back to us October first. They placed a moratorium," Ocampo told FOX40.

Businesses within 500 feet of adult establishments cannot have liquor licenses, due to concerns over public safety. South Beach Grill sits within 500 feet of Pure Gold Showgirls.

“Our goal is to allow South Beach to the community and protect the interest of our community," city spokesperson Ashley Downton said.

Ocampo pleaded her case to the city Monday.

The City of Rancho Cordova says the moratorium can be overturned as they research the matter.

Ocampo says the the delays have cost her and her business upwards of $60,000.