San Juan School Board Votes Down Charter School

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The San Juan Unified School Board voted against a new charter school Tuesday, much to the disappointment of many parents.

"I think that this is a political vote and we're not done fighting and I think that ultimately PCA [Paramount Collegiate Academy] will succeed," parent Mary Tiller said.

San Juan Unified said the charter school's petition had too many holes.

"We pull together a group of experts to evaluate 16 different categories," district spokesperson Trent Allen said. "If any one of those categories doesn't meet muster, that application is denied."

The school district says PCA failed three of its requirements, including educational curriculum.

The district also questions the school's finances, since it says the federal funding only applies to schools which started July 1.

The PCA Board of Directors says money wasn't an issue.

"We've already been approved for a charter school grant to get start up funding, so funding is not an issue for us," Tiller told FOX40.

The charter school says it will appeal the decision with the County Office of Education, and some 200 students are waiting for the school to open.

There are currently eight charter schools in the San Juan district, but parents say the district doesn't offer as many options as others do.