Students Package 10,000 Healthy Meals for Local Families in Need

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Students  of all ages at New Life Christian School arrived to class ready to wear a different uniform, one that includes hair nets and gloves.

The new outfit, however, came with a purpose.

"My job is to put it all in there, seal it all up and pack them," said Macy Smotherman, 6th grader.

Smotherman is one of more than 100 students who helped package 10,000 healthy meals for local families in need.

Another student, Julianna Weeks, was asked how important it is for families to receive healthy meals, "really important," she replied with a smile.

"It is exciting to help the school and the community," said senior Jonathan Weeks.

Between Sutter and Yuba counties, the need is so great that the meals may only last until the end of the year.

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard in Yuba City is one of 3 local food banks that will get the meals.

Manager Bud Hendrick says he has seen the number of families asking for food increase by 3,000 in the past three years.

What schools and local businesses can not donate, the food bank is left to purchase on their own.

For New Life Christian, the fundraiser is more than just giving back, it allows kids from low income families to also attend school for a minimal cost.